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Les Chiens de la Casse (vinyl LP)

Charles Pennequin - Les Chiens de la Casse (vinyl LP)
The collaboration between artist and poet Charles Pennequin, the band Gun-Gi and Laurie Franck.
Charles Pennequin was invited in May 2010 by Collectif ÖDL for a residency in Mulhouse, in order to record an album with the three members of the band Gun-Gi, then students of the art school of Mulhouse. Sessions and recordings took place in the Manufacture, derelict part of a mulhousian weapon factory, famous for manufacturing the guns for the French equivalent of the SWAT, and recently renovated into lofts and artists studios. Joined by another young artist from the school, Laurie Franck, they spent the week playing and recording, resulting in a hole in the floor and an album which is far more than just the sum of its parts. Could have been just a collaboration, Gun-Gi adding a soundtrack to Charles Pennequin's poetry, but in the process Les Chiens de la Casse became a genuine band with its own identity.
Comes with a folded poster and black inner sleeve. Limited edition of 300.
Charles Pennequin (born 1965 in Cambrai, France) is a writer and performer, an essential figure in French contemporary poetry.

See also L'armée noire (Charles Pennequin & Quentin Faucompré).
Composed by Les Chiens de la Casse (Charles Pennequin, le groupe Gun-Gi, Laurie Franck).
Recorded at Lla Manufacture, Mulhouse, in May 2010.
graphic design: Les Chiens de la Casse.
Cut by Official.fm vinyl.
published in December 2012
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