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SPILLMycelium (vinyl LP)

Magda Mayas, Tony Buck - SPILL
Since 2002, Berlin based musicians Tony Buck (here on the percussion, drums, guitar, waterphone, monochord) and Magda Mayas (clavinet, piano, rhodes, organ) have been developing their duo music as SPILL, recording, touring and occasionally collaborating with international guests. Having spent the last 20 years establishing their unique approach to the piano and percussion combination, SPILL celebrates this milestone with the release of their 5th album Mycelium.
Magda Mayas (born 1979) is a pianist and composer performer living in Berlin. She has developed a vocabulary utilizing both the inside as well as the exterior parts of the piano, using amplification, preparations and objects that become extensions of the instrument itself. Mayas has developed a set of techniques that draw on the history of prepared and inside piano vocabulary, but are highly individualized and expand the language for internal piano music making.
She holds a PhD in Music Performance and Interpretation from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. Since 2019, she is the program coordinator and teaches improvisation at Luzern University of applied Sciences and Arts.
Mayas performs internationally solo and in collaboration with a large number of musicians and composers. Amongst her projects are Spill, a duo with drummer Tony Buck, a duo with Christine Abdelnour (sax), Jane in Ether with Biliana Voutchkova (vl) and Miako Klein (recorders) and the Splitter Orchester Berlin. She has performed and toured in Europe, the USA, Australia, Mexico and Lebanon and collaborated with many leading figures in improvisation and composers such as Marilyn Mazur, John Butcher, George Lewis, Andy Moor, Nate Wooley, Peter Evans, Eddie Prévost, Phill Niblock, David Sylvian, Zeena Parkins, Fred Frith, Hamid Drake, Joëlle Léandre, Paul Lovens, Ikue Mori, Ken Vandermark, Okkyung Lee, Nic Collins, Elliot Sharp and Maja Ratkje.
Tony Buck (born 1962 in Sidney) is an Australian Berlin-based drummer and percussionist, regarded as one of Australia's most creative and adventurous exports. As a drummer, percussionist, improviser, guitarist, video maker and producer, he has been involved in a highly diverse array of projects but is probably best known around the world as a member of the trio The Necks. He has also played, toured or recorded with Jon Rose, Otomo Yoshihide, John Zorn, T. Cora, Phil Minton, Keiji Haino, Even Parker, The Machine for Making Sense, Lee Ranaldo, Ne Zhdall, The EX, Clifford Jordan, Ground Zero...
published in October 2022
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