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Héritage obligé

Marcel Alocco - Héritage obligé
Two unpublished texts that demonstrate the extent of the writing work that Marcel Alocco has been producing for over half a century.
Marcel Alocco was born in 1937 in Nice (France) where he has practically always lived and worked. Both an artist and a writer, he belongs to the School of Nice, from the first exhibition with Fluxus in the years 1960, to his contribution to the nascent analytical painting (later called Supports/Surfaces). From 1973 to now he has developed a genuine work rooted in his “Idéogrammaire” (Ideo-grammar) followed by the variations of his “Fragments du Patchwork” (Patchwork Fragments) and “Détissages” (Unweaving), works on cultures' writing crafts and memories, which are themes he has simultaneously tackled in his literary production.
Introduction by Jannick Thiroux.

Graphic design: Franck Blais.
published in April 2023
French edition
14,8 x 21 cm (softcover)
227 pages
ISBN : 978-2-9568417-3-9
EAN : 9782956841739
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