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T A L O S (book + download)

Emilie Roby - T A L O S (book + download)
A semi-digital audio publication by performance artist and musician from Northwestern Quebec Emilie Roby.
The album materializes here in the form of an artist's book printed with a risograph. Easy to slip into one's personal record collection, the publication—whose format is comparable to the 45 rpm—includes a hyperlink to download the audio content.
T A L O S is an interdisciplinary effort bringing together writing, electroacoustic music, performance and visual arts. Here, a misadventure propels the protagonist into the script of Talos, an early ideation of a robot that emerged from ancient Greece. Having lost a bolt at his ankle, the bronze automaton lets out the ichor that kept it artificially alive. The formal and acoustic similarities, imagined and recorded, between the myth and the spilling of a water heater inspire the autofictions in the libretto, from which the themes of memory and water emerge. In the form of bodily fluids, robotic hemorrhage or osmosis, the omnipresence of water projects the reader and the listener into a universe of vulnerability, urgency and scarcity.
Emilie Roby is a multidisciplinary artist working in drawing/tattooing, video and electronic music. Born and raised in northwestern Quebec, she studied visual arts at Université du Québec à Montréal. She lives and work in Montreal, Canada.
published in March 2023
texts in English and French
18,1 x 18,1 cm (saddle staples), inserted in a hand printed paper bag (22 x 22 cm)
6 pages (ill., riso printed, 2 colours, black and metallic gold)
in stock
T A L O S (book + download) T A L O S (book + download) T A L O S (book + download)

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