Adriano Olivetti

Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960) was an Italian engineer, entrepreneur, publisher and politician who ran the office machine company founded by his father Camillo from the end of the war until his sudden and premature death. In 1948, he founded the Movimento Comunità as an "experiment in new politics" centred on the individual, autonomy and federalism. In 1958, he transformed the movement into a political party and entered Parliament in the political elections.
Attentive to territorial and urban issues, he took over the publication of the magazine Urbanistica, becoming its editor-in-chief in 1949. From 1950 to 1960, he was president of the National Institute of Urban Planning, which was re-founded. In 1946 he founded the Edizioni di Comunità and the monthly political and cultural journal Comunità. He was the promoter of other periodical publishing initiatives: Metron, Sele Arte, Rivista di filosofia, Zodiac.
To build the Olivetti headquarters and design the office machines, Adriano called on leading Italian and international architects: Bbpr, Gabetti and Isola, Marcello Nizzoli, Luigi Cosenza, Eduardo Vittoria, Le Corbusier.
Adriano Olivetti - Écrits et discours
French edition
Les presses du réel – Architecture / design / graphic design – Architecture
Caryatide / Cosa Mentale - Fondamenta
The first collection of writings and speeches in French by Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960), an Italian entrepreneur and publisher who transformed his writing and calculating machine factory into a laboratory for experimenting with a new model of social, political, and cultural life: a model of "concrete utopia" based on the idea of community and centered on the individual, whose instruments of realization are architecture, urbanism, and design.
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