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Jacques-Henri Michot

Jacques-Henri Michot (born 1935) was professor of Comparative Literature, History of Jazz and Brechtian Theater at the University of Lille III.
Jacques-Henri Michot - Un ABC de la barbarie
French edition
Les presses du réel – Literature – Al Dante
Al Dante - Poetry & Literature
An alphabet book of the commonplaces of journalistic writing bringing forward its propagandist impact.
Jacques-Henri Michot - Comme un fracas
French edition
Al Dante - Poetry & Literature
A chronicle of the world's political situation and a reflection on the language used by those who persist to defend the current political and economic systems.
Jacques-Henri Michot - La vie, l\'amour, la mort
French edition
Al Dante - Poetry & Literature
A collection of trite and commonplace remarks from the everyday life.

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