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Performance Art – Life of the Archive and Topicality
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Jean-Pierre Simon

Raphaël Cuir
Performance Art: Life of the Archive and Topicality

I. Definitions and status of performance art

— A history of performance art on the Riviera from 1951 to the present day, Éric Mangion
— How I wrote my first book, L'Acte pour l'Art, Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux
— Performance, elements for a problematic definition, Hubert Besacier

II. Life of the archive, from artist to spectator

— What database for an ephemeral, multi-facted artistic practice? Methodology of the research and development program, Cédric Moris Kelly
— The Fluxus performance photograph in the museum: from scientific tool to fantasized image, Virgile Delmas
— The object: neither fetish nor proof, but a gift of performance, Liliana Coutinho
— Fluctuations in a certain history of performance / Will tomorrow's archives create new “anti-monuments”?, Patricia Brignone
— Interviewing performance art, Mehdi Brit
— Tino Sehgal's performances: the spectator as living archive, Viviana Gravano

III. Gender, politics, context

— The men of feminism, Glenn Phillips
— Performance and feminism in Southern California: a case study?, Géraldine Gourbe
— Storytelling and performance in the art of Kara Walker, Rebecca Peabody
— Conflict, trauma and the performative act, Liam Kelly
— Time, gender and politics: Beijing artists and performance art, Kalliopi Papadopoulos

An opening to conclude
— The four ontological parameters of performance (and their doubles), David Zerbib

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