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Parachute – The Anthology (vol. 2) – Performance & Performativity
Les presses du réel – domaine Critique, théorie & documents [tous les titres] – collection Documents [tous les titres]
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Alexander Alberro and Nora M. Alter

Chantal Pontbriand

From Dance To Film
Yvonne Rainer in Conversation with Chantal Pontbriand

Performance or The Integral Calculus of Ambiguities
Birgit Pelzer

Representation and Sexuality
Kate Linker

General Idea: “Recounting” Time
Johanne Lamoureux

Capital and Subsidiary: The N.E. Thing Company and Conceptual Art
William Wood

Mock Excursions and Twisted Itineraries: Tour Guide Performances
Jim Drobnick

Matthew Barney's Testicular Anxieties
Bruce Hugh Russell

Michael Fernandes: The Everyday Escapes
Stephen Horne

Xenology and Identity in Critical Public Art: Krzysztof Wodiczko's Immigrant Instruments
Marc James Léger

There's a Bomb in this Exhibition: Kendell Geers Charged
Ruth Kerkham