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Frog #01
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Cover : Philippe Parreno in Miami by M/M (Paris).

Reviews : Carsten Höller in Marseille, Pierre Huyghe in Paris, David Robbins in Paris, John Boeck in London, Thomas Hirschhorn in Paris, Roger Hiorns in Londres, Philippe Parreno in Frankfurt, Flick collection in Berlin, Jeff Koons in Olso, Crumb Picasso Hartung in Francfort, Acconci in Nantes, Liam Gillick in Anvers, Sylvie Fleury in London, Jeppe Hein, Pierre Joseph in Lyon, Mike Kelley in Vienna, Martin Kippenberger in Eindhoven, Sturtevant in Frankfurt, Olivier Babin in Lausanne…

Interviews : Kirsten Everberg, Jean Nouvel and Bertrand Lavier, Simon Linke, Marc and Josée Gensollen, Daisuke Mitayani, Ceryth Win Evans…

Photos : Mike Kelley by Marina Faust, Gloria Friedmann by Pierre Even, Gary Webb by Eric Troncy, Christophe Buchel and Gianni Motti by Bruno Serralongue, Xavier Veilhan by Pierre Even, Hype Gallery by Camille Roman…

Special projects by Gary Webb, Leo Fabrizio and Trisha Donnelly.