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Power of Material / Politics of Materiality
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Editor's Preface

Power of Material/Politics of Materiality – an Introduction
Susanne Witzgall

New Materialism: The Ontology and Politics of Materialisation
Diana Coole

“We need a much better appreciation of the material structures...”
In Conversation with Diana Coole

Text and Texture: On the Materiality of West-Eastern Transfers in Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Marianne von Willemer
Cornelia Ortlieb

An Ecology of Materials
Tim Ingold

“I was literally sticking my hands into materials”
Max Lamb

“Materials are constantly astonishing”
In Conversation with Max Lamb and Tim Ingold

Project Class Lamb

The Promise of Intelligent Materials
Nicola Stattmann and Thomas Schröpfer in Conversation with Karianne Fogelberg

Material Engagement as Human Creative Process and Cognitive Life of Things
Colin Renfrew

Purpose Unknown
Sofia Hultén

“… insights about the afterlives of objects”
In Conversation with Sofia Hultén and Colin Renfrew

New Materialists in Contemporary Art
Susanne Witzgall

Kassetten, Cassettes
Manfred Pernice

Project Class Pernice

On Touching – The Inhuman That Therefore I Am (V.1.1)
Karen Barad

Actually 12 Times Alissa
Discoteca Flaming Star

Crisis and Materiality in Art: On the Becoming of Form and Digitality
Kerstin Stakemeier

The (Im)Materiality of Economy
Costas Lapavitsas

Sell Everything, Buy Everything, Kill Everything
Anja Kirschner, David Panos

“We want to counter such simplifications by way of historicizing their foundations …”
In Conversation with Anja Kirschner, David Panos and Costas Lapavitsas

Is Marxism a Correlationism?
Diedrich Diederichsen

Project Class Baghramian