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Time Action Vision – Conversations in Cultural Studies, Theory, and Activism
Christian Höller [see all titles]
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Anne-Julie Raccoursier

Chapter I
On Cultural Studies

Terrains of Disturbance
Conversation with Stuart Hall

Lines of Flight, Exits Closed
Conversation with Lawrence Grossberg

There Is No Global Culture!
Conversation with Meaghan Morris

Chapter II
On Postcolonialism

Europe Doesn’t Know Its History
Conversation with Paul Gilroy

Africa in Motion
Conversation with Achille Mbembe

Between Babel and Babylon
Conversation with Ella Shohat

Chapter III
On Globalization

Geography of Inequality
Conversation with David Harvey

Global China Shop
Conversation with Zygmunt Bauman

Chapter IV
On Activism and Participation

Visible Invisible Violence
Conversation with Tariq Ali

Terror Weather
Conversation with Bill Ayers

Tilting Effects, Disturbances
Conversation with Jean-Pierre Gorin

Mutuality of the Moment
Conversation with Irit Rogoff