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Sors le monde – Récit de Mona Thomas
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Anne-Lise Coste Sors le monde Récit de Mona Thomas
published in May 2019
French edition
15,5 x 23 cm (softcover)
64 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 979-10-96911-18-9
EAN: 9791096911189
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Anne-Lise Coste (born 1973 in Marseille, France) lived in Marseille and in Zurich, Switzerland, before moving to New York where she now lives and works. Her drawings and texts have the immediacy of graffiti, and allow her to express subjective moods mixed with political criticism and literary sentences. With a dada-influenced language and intensely lyrical images, her work exudes irony, rebellion and emotion. She creates seemingly decorative compositions that actually offer us a catalogue of contemporary anxieties, where the immediacy of the gesture of drawing combines a strong poetic sense with an element of social critique.