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Silences éloquents
Carlos Martí Arís [see all titles]
Cosa Mentale [see all titles]
Edited by Claudia Mion.
Essay by Fabio Licitra.

Graphic design: Spassky Fischer.
French edition
Jorge Luis Borges, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Yasushiro Ozu, Mark Rothko, Jorge Oteiza - a writer, an architect, a filmmaker, a painter, a sculptor. Five personalities of the 20th century separated by their mediums, their subjects of investigation and their disciplines. They are brought together in this book by the need to save art from its current alteration, and to bring it back to a more contemplative and introspective dimension.
It is a form of spiritual revolt that Carlos Martí Arís highlights through this transversal analysis of different artistic expressions that mix and meet to enrich his reflection. The key words of this consideration, which has the appearance of a manifesto, are: silence, contemplation, renunciation, transparency, anonymity and atemporality. Twenty years later, the lesson of Carlos Martí Arí is contemporary and of fundamental importance for our discipline today