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Mouvement #96
Mouvement [see all issues]
published in July 2018
French edition
23 x 30 cm (softcover)
128 pages (ill.)
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Illustrator Soufiane Ababri; novelist Fanny Taillandier; a critic of the Anthropocene by historian Jean-Baptiste Fressoz; interviews with Lav Diaz and Gurshad Shaheman; models' rights advocacy organization Model Law; on the back side of Naoshima; dubbing in Quebec; Arles and the money issue; portraits of Maud le Pladec and Èlg; Portfolios of Marie Valognes, Mimosa Echard, Louis Canadas & Theophile Hermand; Gabriel Gauthier's poetry; chronicles and diary.
Founded in 1995, Mouvement is a French “indisciplinary cultural magazine”, published bimonthly.