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Rebecca Warren <!---->
Published with Kunsthalle Zurich.
published in 2005
bilingual edition (English / German)
20,5 x 25,5 cm
98 pages (colour illustrations)
ISBN: 978-3-905701-33-3
EAN: 9783905701333
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First monograph.
Large-size figures of unfired clay, which grotesquely exaggerate the characteristic traits and trademarks of female sexuality such as breasts, calves and buttocks, have made a name for British artist Rebecca Warren (born in 1965 in London).
Rebecca Warren's oeuvre frankly references a veritable array of masters from the history of art: Degas, Rodin, Boccioni, Picasso, Fontana, the German Expressionists, and Neo-Expressionists such as Robert Crumb. It also brings to mind the works by Martin Kippenberger, Fischli & Weiss' clay sculptures, and the hostile and eye-striking aggressiveness but substantive subtlety of Sarah Lucas' works.
Rebecca Warren's art likewise unites popular culture and advanced civilization, feministic and psychological debate.