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Ivan Messac <!---->
Published with La vie au Marteret, Calignac.
published in May 2009
French edition
24,5 x 24,5 cm (softcover)
64 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-84761-898-3
EAN: 9782847618983
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Catalogue gathering the works of Ivan Messac: bas-relief sculptures; printed textiles, and series of paintings dedicated to Adam and Eve or Maïakovski. A collection of works inspired by Pop iconography, in which we also meet Pessoa, Picabia, Hendrix, Jimmy Page…
Ivan Messac (born 1948 in Caen, lives and works in Paris and Sens) is both a sculptor and painter, whose work reflects a firm commitment to political issues. He is often affiliated to the Narrative Figuration and Pop Art movements.