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Des vies sur le deuil polaire
Jacques Sivan [see all titles]
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Jacques Sivan Des vies sur le deuil polaire
published in June 2012
French edition
13 x 17 cm (softcover)
96 pages
ISBN: 978-2-84761-821-1
EAN: 9782847618211
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In this text, poet Jacques Sivan creates an imaginary planet populated by mortals, a mirror of our world through which he investigates the nature of language.
French poet Jacques Sivan (1955-2016) invented a poetry freed from codes and conventions of language to reflect the plural complexity of the world. With Vannina Maestri and Jean-Michel Espitallier, he created and directed the review Java. His poetry was published in leading journals of contemporary poetry (TXT, Revue de Littérature Générale, Doc(k)s, Action poétique, Res Poetica, etc.). He also collaborated with artists such as filmmaker Marie Poitevin and musician Cédric Pigot.

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