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Espace(s) #15 – La légèreté
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  Espace(s) La légèreté
Texts by Gérard Azoulay, Pacôme Thiellement, Pierre Alferi, Jeanne Morel & Paul Marlier, Romaric Tisserand, Jérôme Lamy, Antoine Belot, Johan Decaix, Sylvie Bonnot, Sabine Revillet, Marc Perri, Emmelene Landon, Liliane Giraudon, Frank Smith, Jacques Paveur, Bernard Chambaz, Loïc Pantaly, Éric Pessan, Charles Robinson, Karin Serres, Thaddée, David Christoffel, Antoine Bioy, Élie During, Bastien Gallet, Ulysse Gallet, Arnauld Pierre, Andrea Urlberger, Ema Dée, Chloé Silbano, Raphaël Gouisset, Gillian Ferreira, Laurence Veille, Alexandre Contesse, Fabien Couette & Quentin Leclerc, Steven Le Priol, Erik Wahl, Emma Bourgin, Christophe Gilbert.
published in October 2017
French edition
19 x 26 cm (softcover)
192 pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-85440-034-2
EAN: 9782854400342
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This issue explores the vast regions of lightness with an ensemble of textual and visual contributions by artists, historians, scientifics, and writers.
The review Espace(s) was founded in 2004 by the French Space Agency (CNES). Self-defined as a laboratory notebook, Espace(s) aims to gather the art, literary and scientific worlds through the exploration of a theme linked to outer space. The review includes a large iconography and visual contributions by contemporary artists.