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Prussian Blue #11
Prussian Blue [see all issues]
  Prussian Blue
published in September 2017
French edition
22 x 28,5 cm (softcover)
140 pages (ill.)
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Spring / summer issue of the French magazine dedicated to contemporary art, photography, and fashion, edited by Guillaume de Sardes: the studio of Hugues Decointet; Chinese artists in the Sichuan; historian Maurice Olender; “writers and photographers”: a special feature with Maxime Du Camp, Claude Simon, Hervé Guibert, Denis Roche, Jacques Henric, and Alain Fleischer; filmmaker Danielle Arbid; photo creations by Régina Demina, Guillaume de Sardes, and Thierry Jadot; Jean-François Dubos; interviews with Elisabeth Delacarte, Laurent Le Bon, Jérôme Lagarrigue; Swann Ricourt; to discover a Manet; private museums in China; Olivier Zahm; Brian Kenny; Kuro Gyaru, the Japanese feminism with pink hair…
Founded in 2012, French biannual magazine Prussian Blue lies at the intersection of international contemporary art, photography, and fashion—with a touch of classicism, in its most elegant form. The magazine is aimed at amateurs, in the best sense of the term.
Each issue gives the opportunity to discover, among other things: a large private collection, an artist's studio, art market analyses, texts by art critics and novelists, and series of specially commissioned photographs. The magazine's editor is French photographer, art critic, and novelist Guillaume de Sardes.