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Images en quête d’histoires
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Valérie Mréjen Images en quête d’histoires
Contributions by Théodora Barat, Emma Bourgin, Estelle Dupuy, François Forge, Christophe Huthwohl, Marie Naudin, Lucie Plançon, Céline Vacher, Charles Villa.

Graphic design: Villa Böhnke.
published in May 2017
French edition
10,5 x 15 cm (box set)
37 postcards in a cardboard box (b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-918138-14-3
EAN: 9782918138143
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A collection of 37 postcards based on family pictures gathered by the participants of a collective workshop held by the artist and writer Valérie Mréjen. The postcards tell two fictitious family stories, which the reader can freely rearrange to create his own narrative.
This publication documents a collective workshop held by the artist Valérie Mréjen in October – November 2016, invited by the Frac île-de-france as part of its programme le collectif (The Frac île-de-France regularly gives carte blanche to an artist to elaborate an open and collaborative project, as part of the programme of its antenne culturelle).
Some adverts allowed the artist to gather a group, whose participants were required to bring a family picture. The workshop sessions aimed at elaborating stories from those images, in order to collectively write a fiction. The following movie Quatre enfants is diffused on www.fraciledefrance.com in the section le collectif.
In a blend of plastic arts, cinema and literature, Valérie Mréjen (born 1969 in Paris, where she lives and works) explores the unique characteristics of fiction in several forms. Between individual and shared stories, her works summon the concepts of memory, intimacy and language.