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Alberto García del Castillo Merman
Afterword by Susana Vargas Cervantes.

Photographs by César Segarra.

Graphic design: Bartolomé Sanson.
published in May 2017
English edition
13,7 x 17,3 cm (softcover)
156 pages (b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-36582-017-2
EAN: 9782365820172
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A queer travelogue of a boating voyage on Belgium's inland waterways with merman and singer Steev Lemercier in the company of Chanel and Dolce, who are a cat and a dog, during the first months of their friendship with the author. With photographs by César Segarra.
Alberto García del Castillo (born 1988 in Guadalajara, Spain) is a Latina faggot curator and writer currently based in Brussels, where he spends time on Buenos Tiempos, Int. He writes genre fiction and nonfiction about communities and queer, performs his own and other people's writings, and collaborates in multiple configurations. He has worked as a curator at Komplot and as a co-editor of YEAR magazine since 2011.