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Inter #125 – Connectivités
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  Inter Connectivités
Contributions by Amandine Bajou, Louise Boisclair, Samuel Bianchini, Jean-Pierre Bobillot, Jade Boivin, Constanza Camelo-Suarez, Nathalie Côté, Luc Courchesne, Joe Davis, Yves Doyon, Charles Dreyfus Pechkoff, Jean-Maxime Dufresne, Guillaume Ethier, Giovanni Fontana, Claude Fortin, Philippe Franck, Fanny Georges, Jonathan Lamy, François-Joseph Lapointe, Luc Lévesque, Martin Nadeau, Odile Ariane Pahai Langa, James Partaik, Projet EVA, Jean-Paul Quéinnec, Alexandre Saunier, Julien St-Georges Tremblay, Pierre Tremblay-Thériault.
published in March 2017
French edition
23 x 30,5 cm (softcover)
84 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-924298-26-8
EAN: 9782924298268
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Connectivity and artistic practices.
Published by Editions Intervention (Quebec) three times a year since 1978, mostly in French with sometimes English and Spanish texts, Inter, art actuel is a cultural periodical disseminating various forms, praxis and strategies of contemporary art—performance, art action, installation, poetry, multimedia, etc.—while questioning the relationship between art, the social and the cultural, the politics and the ethics. With worldwide contributors, writers, artists, art critics, historians and philosophers, Inter, art actuel is the expression of resistance and a global point of view on arts and society.