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PARIS, LA #15 – Music
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  PARIS, LA Music
published in February 2017
English edition
21,6 x 27,9 cm (softcover)
112 pages (ill.) + 33RPM flexi disc
ISBN: 977-1-96974-101-5
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Special Music Issue (included a flexi disc by D.A. Spunt).
I don't write music. We never did. Sonic Youth never did. Our writing is sitting around and playing, and reforming it. Kim Gordon

In America we have this history where we forgive the oppressor and vilify the outsider. — Taylor Mac

I mean, I see the life politic, the life that we live all together as people, is the sum of what people throw into their world.Wolfgang Tillmans

The last twelve months have seen Wolfgang Tillmans' return to music after a nearly thirty-year absence, Taylor Mac's one-time-only 24-hour concert performance, and the first release of Kim Gordon's music under her own name. PARIS, LA 15—an issue devoted to music—brings together conversations with these artists, as well as interviews with Carrie Brownstein (with Kim Gordon), Josh Da Costa and Matt Fishbeck about Solid Rain, Pulitzer Prize-winning Caroline Shaw, art and music entrepreneur Aaron Bandaroff on Know Wave, and Chloé Maratta and Flannery Silva of Odwalla88 (joined by Dean Spunt of No Age).
Issue 15 also features a conversation between LA-based curators Sohrab Mohebbi and Aram Moshayedi, and writer Gaye Theresa Johnson about her first book Spaces of Conflict, Sounds of Solidarity: Music, Race, and Spatial Entitlement in Los Angeles, essays on Lady Tigra and on Black Sabbath's final tour, Yelli Yelli in her own words, an excerpt from the Standard Book of Color by Andrew Berardini, a piece by associate editor Evan Moffitt on Berlin and Bowie, and a report from Standing Rock by Oscar Tuazon.
PARIS, LA is an independent journal focused on experiments in arts, founded in 2008 by the editor Dorothée Perret (DoPe Press). Published once a year, PARIS, LA operates as an independent creative space and invites each season, artists, designers, photographers and writers to collaborate and to share their vision in relation to a theme.
PARIS, LA is art directed by Madame Paris / Alexandra Ruiz.

PARIS, LA is born of shared perspectives. It's a project, like a love story, that comes from the feeling of being in one place, thinking about another. A place between two cities, between scenes, between people, that exists only in the space of our imagination. In Paris, dreaming of the Pacific. Speaking French in LA. And it's as true as a clear blue sky above us.”
—Dorothée Perret