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Gestes spéculatifs  (ebook EPUB)
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  Gestes spéculatifs
Edited by Didier Debaise and Isabelle Stengers.
Texts by Fleur Courtois-l'Heureux, Didier Debaise, Vinciane Despret, Thierry Drumm, Emilie Hache, Donna J. Haraway, David Jamar, Claude de Jonckheere, Maryam Kolly, Bruno Latour, Pierre Montebello, Tobie Nathan, Nicolas Prignot, Camille Riquier, Alice Rivières, Isabelle Stengers, Lucienne Strivay, Marcelle Stroobants, Katrin Solhdju, Fabrizio Terranova, Graziella Vella, Benedikte Zitouni.

Graphic design: Émilie Fourny.
published in July 2016
French edition
ISBN: 978-2-84066-908-1
EAN: 9782840669081
A set of contributions that explore the conditions of possibility of speculative (and truly engaged) “gestures”, in the context of a widespread crisis of the modes of thinking of modernity.