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OpticalSound #03
OpticalSound [see all issues]
Edited by P. Nicolas Ledoux and Pierre Beloüin.

Graphic design: ABM Studio & Jeanne Triboul.

Published with Art Book Magazine.
published in October 2015
French edition
17 x 24 cm (softcover)
256 pages (ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-8216-0077-5
EAN: 9782821600775
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The artist's magazine's rich and diverse third issue welcomes fiction for the first time.
With Valérie Caradec, Alexandre Castant, François Coadou, Isabelle de Maison Rouge, Economie solidaire de l'art, Ewen Chardronnet, Clément Chéroux, Julie Crenn, François Deck, Yann Dumoget, Vincent Epplay, Jean-Baptiste Farkas, Philippe Franck, Jill Gasparina, John Giorno, Guy-Marc Hinant, Raphaële Jeune, Nathalie Leleu, Justin Lieberman, Arnaud Maguet, Matthieu Martin, Joachim Montessuis, Olivier Mosset, Julien Péluchon, Jérôme Poret, Lee Ranaldo, Alexandre Roccuzzo, Elaine Sturtevant, Mabel Tapia, Penelope Umbrico.
Stemming from the label of the same name, a hybrid and atypical structure that draws its own boundaries between experimental music and contemporary art, OpticalSound magazine is an artists' magazine.