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Morton Feldman – For Bunita Marcus / Une minute, une seule
Guillaume Belhomme [see all titles]
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Guillaume Belhomme Morton Feldman For Bunita Marcus / Une minute, une seule
published in May 2016
French edition
8,2 x 12,8 cm
crystal box set with 60 cards
ISBN: 979-10-94601-07-5
EAN: 9791094601075
out of print
For Bunita Marcus is a piano piece recorded in 1986 by contemporary composer Morton Feldman. Guillaume Belhomme revisits the singular relationship he shares with this track and gives a sharp analysis of it. This reeissue is completed with a fictitious letter from Feldman to American painter Philip Guston entitled Une minute, une seule.
Limited edition of 50 copies.

New edition of the book published in 2008 by éditions Le mot et le reste.
New edition of the letter published in 2016 by éditions Derrière la salle de bains.

The American composer Morton Feldman (1926-1987) is a key figure in modern music. He was a pioneer, with John Cage, of aleatoric music and indeterminate music, and in requiring improvisation.
Born 1976, writer and musician Guillaume Belhomme lives and works in Paris. He runs Lenka lente editions.

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