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Change numérique – Édition intégrale de la revue Change (1968-1983)  (ebook PDF)
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  Change numérique Édition intégrale de la revue Change (1968-1983)
Edited by Abigail Lang.
Digital compilation and indexing by Dominique Pasqualini and Olivier Perriquet.
published in May 2016
French edition
ISBN: 978-2-84066-770-4
EAN: 9782840667704
The complete PDF edition of the avant-garde journal Change, created by Jean Pierre Faye in 1968: 42 facsimile issues in a 8482-page file with free-text search engine.
Texts by Jean Pierre Faye, Maurice Roche, Jacques Roubaud, Philippe Boyer, Yves Buin, Jean-Claude Montel, Jean Paris, Léon Robel, Mitsou Ronat, David Antin, John Ashbery, Roland Barthes, Georges Bataille, Julien Blaine, Mel Bochner, André Breton, William Burroughs, Michel Butor, John Cage, Noam Chomsky, Henri Chopin, David Cooper, Haroldo de Campos, Gilles Deleuze, François Dufrêne, Carl Einstein, S.M. Eisenstein, John Giorno, Félix Guattari, Bryon Gysin, Bernard Heidsieck, Lyn Hejinian, Dick Higgins, Pierre Klossowski, Michel Leiris, Kazimir Malévitch, Michèle Métail, Antonio Negri, Jerome Rothenberg, Gertrude Stein...