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La leçon de peinture catalane / La llicó de pintura catalana
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Joan Rabascall La leçon de peinture catalane / La llicó de pintura catalana
Texts by Brigitte Léal, Joan Rabascall, Eliseo Trenc, Pierre Restany.
published in November 2015
bilingual edition (French / Catalan)
15 x 21 cm (softcover)
32 pages (11 color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-37229-011-1
EAN: 9782372290111
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Publication based on the eponymous series of works (“The Catalan painting lesson”, a devious and ironic presentation of traditional standards of academic painting), with an interview and commissioned essays by Brigitte Léal and Pierre Restany.
The series La Leçon de peinture catalane (1985) was originally conceived for the Barcelona-Paris-New York exhibition, presented at the Palais Robert, Barcelona (1985-1986). It consists of nine large-scale works. These are color photographs stuck on canvas and screen printed, mounted on frame.
The texts are original essays, written especially for this edition by experts, who perfectly know Joan Rabascall's work. The book is also illustrated with visuals of the initial exposure to place it in its historical context.
Joan Rabascall (born in Barcelona in 1935) lives in Paris. His work has been shown internationally, in Centre Pompidou, Paris, in Metropolitan Museum, New York, among others.