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Re: courrier électronique (2 CD)
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Rainier Lericolais Re: courrier électronique (2 CD)
Graphic design: Rainier Lericolais.
published in November 2004
double CD digisleeve
CD 1 : 67'15, 17 tracks / CD 2 : 59'19, 16 tracks
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With Rainier Lericolais and Lili Kim, Omb, Sébastien Roux, Cat or Die, Simon Fisher Turner, Omb, .tape., Markus Schaller, Dill, Minizza, Pierre Beloüin, Radiomentale, That Summer, Ultra Milkmaids.
A visual artist and a musician, Rainier Lericolais (born 1970 in Chateauroux, France) lives and works in Paris.