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Music for Death (from circles to square) (vinyl LP)
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  Music for Death (from circles to square) (vinyl LP)
Directed, produced, and compiled by Optical Sound.

Mastering: Norscq.

Graphic design: ABM Studio.
published in September 2013
12'' vinyl LP, transparent red
A side: 8 tracks 24' / B side: 8 tracks 24'
out of print
The ideal funeral soundtrack (16 previously unreleased tracks).
This 12'' vinyl compilation marks the release of Optical Sound first issue. The selected bands and the present tracklist are an echo to “your funeral soundtrack”, a questionnary within the magazine, and extend this false romantic vision taken from our preferred sentence: “we were already dead in the 80'ss”. Here is a peculiar sound story, exclusively compiled with unpublished material, inviting the different musical personalities and sensitivities of Optical Sound label. Most of these artists have previously been released on Optical Sound, the other ones joins teh label for this occasion. All of them support our commitment and define a soundscape that Optical Sound stands up for. They feature in one way or another in one of the three releases of the Optical Sound magazine.
A red transparent LP, two stories, two sides to follow.
With Arnaud Maguet, Baron Oufo, Cercueil, Cocoon, Robert Hampson & Sébastien Roux, Norscq, Gerome Nox, Gerard Malanga, Rainier Lericolais & m-o-r-s-e, Scanner, Black Sifichi, Simon Fisher Turner, That Summer & Tsé, Christian Vialard, Coil.

Limited edition of 300.

Audio samples: optical-sound.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-death-from-circles-to-square-os-061.