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Documents sur l’art #11
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  Documents sur l’art
published in 1997
French edition
out of print
Guest editors: Cartsen Höller and Rosemarie Trockel.
Texts: Lionel Bovier et Christophe Cherix (Ecart), Nicolas Bourriaud, Lars Bang Larsen (Copenhagen scene), Stephan Schmidt-Wülfen, Eric Troncy, Dan Graham, Mike Kelley, Yvonne Chapuis (Performance Anxiety), Vincent Pécoil (Mike Kelley)...
Interviews: Jack Jaegger, Liam Gillick.
Founded in 1992 by Nicolas Bourriaud, Eric Troncy, Philippe Parreno and Liam Gillick, the magazine Documents sur l'art has come into offering critical resources for the analysis of a rather foggy post-modernity.