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Ecce Homo – A Portrait of Célestin Deliège (DVD)
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Célestin Deliège Ecce Homo Un portrait de Célestin Deliège (DVD)
Directed by Guy-Marc Hinant and Dominique Lohlé.
published in 2011
original version, bilingual susbtitles (English / French)
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A deep, strong and raw portrait of one of the greatest musical thinker in Europa. Célestin Deliège.
“This film, made from ten meetings filmed (introspective face to face or with Pascal Decroupet, François Nicolas, Fred Lerdahl, Hugues Dufourt, Antoine Bonnet and Ensemble Ictus), shows a man in his illness, certainly, but who fights until the last breath, looking for a lost transcandence, a re-enchantment, calling for Artaud's madness... Rooted in supreme art of music, it leads to pain departure and beauty to exist.”
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Célestin Deliège (1922 – 2010) was the last representative (with Pierre Boulez) of post war modernism. Prestigious musicologist (passing his encyclopedic knowledge through violent polemic), teacher at the Conservatory of Liege, Brussels and la Sorbonne, he impressed many students—students who become important composers of today, not least Hughes Dufourt, a founder of spectral music.