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Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear (2 CD)
Charlemagne Palestine & Z’ev [see all titles]
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 Charlemagne Palestine & Z’ev Rubhitbangklanghear Rubhitbangklangear (2 CD)
published in 2013
2 CD, six-panel Digipak
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Second time in 20 years Charlemagne Palestine and Z'ev are performing together / first time they are recording it... (unreleased material from Palestine's lair, a place now called Charleworld, where both fellows spent 3 days in June 2010).
“I first started to play the bells while at high school of music + art in the sixties at St.Thomas church across the street from the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan!! I played everyday for years!! In the eighties I met Z'ev in Amsterdam!! I'd known him for 20 years before he suggested one day that we perform together, which we did at lem Barcelona in 2007!! Later after seeing and hearing the carillon at my studio in Brussels he suggested that we perform and record together there, which we did in 2010!! Here's / hearsz what we did!!!!”
Charlemagne Palestine
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