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We are Not a Museum
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  We are Not a Museum
Texts by Katerina Gregos, Jonathan Ahlm Brenander, Solvej Helweg Ovesen, Toke Lykkeberg.

Graphic design: Andrea Nicolo.
published in December 2013
English edition
16,7 x 24 cm (softcover, dust jacket)
400 pages (500 b/w ill.)
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Grimmuseum looks back on two years of intense production and manifold explorations within alternative curator/artist frameworks.
This publication contains a detailed and richly illustrated documentation of the numerous exhibitions, performances and sound installations in over 60 projects involving over 400 artists. Essays by Katerina Gregos, Jonathan Ahlm Brenander, Solvej Helweg Ovesen and Toke Lykkeberg complement the publication. The authors discuss questions about contemporary and curatorial issues and promote discourses in the context of the Grimmuseum. The essays cover topics such as the historical developement of artist-run spaces, a critical discussion of structures in museums, and a comment on the distinction of the art world in “commercial and non-commercial” realms. Additionally, the role of the curator is explored at length, giving rise to a detailed display of the Grimmuseum's practice.
With David Adamo, Özlem Altin, Cory Arcangel, Sam Ashley, Awst & Walther, Maxime Ballesteros, Rosa Barba, Alfred Boman, Madeleine Boschan, Erik Bünger, Sarah Cain, Francesco Cavaliere, Paolo Chiasera, Ivan Civic, Mario Consiglio, Kajsa Dahlberg, Mariana Castillo Deball, Amie Dicke, Constant Dullaart, Zhivago Duncan, Cecile B Evans, Florian Feigl, Fischli & Weiss, János Fodor, Andrés Galeano,Catherine Christer Hennix, FX Harsono, Jacob Holdt, InvernomutoChristian Jankowski, Hiwa K, Kimberly Clark, Christopher Kline, Kristof Kintera, Wilhelm KlotzekBrandon LaBelle, Oliver Laric, Leigh Ledare, Ján Mančuška, Ryan Mclaughlin, Christoph Meier, Henrik Menné, Ciprian Muresan, Laurel Nakadate, Anna Oppermann, Adam Pendleton, Pablo Pijnappel, Kirstine Roepstorff, Sebastian Romo, Elsa Salonen, Andrea Salvino, Tomoko Sauvage, Andreas Sell, Marinella Senatore, Jeremy Shaw, Despina Stokou, Marcel Türkowsky, Ignacio Uriarte, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Jorinde Voigt, Jan Vormann, Sinta Werner, Ming Wong, Whats to be Done?