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Journal-poster #06
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Alberto Sorbelli Journal-affiche
Texts by Emmanuel Hermange, Marcella Lista, Stéphanie Pioda, Thomas Schlesser.
published in November 2012
French edition
25 x 35 cm (folded) / 70 x 100 cm (unfolded)
8 folded pages (color ill.)
ISBN: 978-2-916067-77-3
EAN: 9782916067773
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A set of photographs and texts / a large original photograph.
Each issue of the 127 Series is both a journal and a poster in which a contemporary artist shows what he never exposed: his photographs. The journal (25 x 35 cm) gathers a set of photographs and texts on the artist's work. On the back of the unfolded journal, the poster reveals a large original photograph by the artist (70 x 100 cm).
Born 1964 in Rome, Alberto Sorbelli lives and works between Paris, New York and Mysore.