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Frog #11
Frog [see all issues]
Texts by Antoine Espinasseau, Éric Troncy, Jonathan Chauveau, Jill Gasparina, Bruce Hainley, Richard Hawkins, Stéphanie Moisdon, Fabian Stech, Emanuele Fontanesi, Yann Chateigné, Arnaud Viviant, Anthony Ghilas...
published in July 2012
texts in English and French
23 x 30 (softcover)
304 pages (color ill.)
EAN: 977176974330911
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20 exhibitions reviews, 8 interviews, 10 exhibitions in pictures, some artists special projects, and the chronicles.
Featuring: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Richard Phillips, Philippe Parreno, Peter Zumthor, John Martin, Willem de Rooij, Camille Henrot, Kirsten Everberg, Rosa Barba, Laurent Grasso, Davide Belula, Rob Pruitt, Fabrice Gygi, Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille, Frédéric Pardo, Sturtevant, Tatsumi Hijikata, Alexandra Midal, Joe Bradley, Joachim Koester, Peter Halley, Luigi Ontani, Andreas Gursky, Haim Steinbach, Sol LeWitt, Gerhard Richter, Guy Debord, Scott Bourne, Josh T. Pearson...
Edited by Eric Troncy and Stéphanie Moisdon, Frog is an international art and architecture magazine.
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