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Un espace de l’art ? (DVD)
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Robert Milin Un espace de l’art ? (DVD)
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Texts by Eric Chauvier and Delphine Suchecki.
Film directed by Robert Milin.
published in April 2012
bilingual edition (English / French) / DVD in French version (English subtitles)
12 x 18 cm
40 pages, 104' video DVD
ISBN: 979-10-91490-01-6
EAN: 9791091490016 / 3760083750008
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A film by Robert Milin to question the conditions and implications of “art in the suburbs.”
In April 2010, Robert Milin was invited by the city of Saint-Denis whithin the framework of an “Artist in residency” scheme. He was to spend the next two years in Saint-Rémy, a difficult quarter. Facing the difficulty of making artworks in the public space, he decided to react making a documentary film. In his flat changed into a film studio, Robert Milin invites various interlocutors to question them about the point of art in such a place.
Two critical texts by Eric Chauvier and Delphine Suchecki enclosed in the booklet clarify the artist's approach and give an additional analysis on issues of contemporary art in such context.
With the participation of Sylvie Blocher, Thomas Hirschhorn, Didier Marcel (artists), Saïd Karamani, Ahmed El Madbouh et Myriam Argano (residents), Guy Tortosa (critic), Nathalie Viot (Ville de Paris), Johannes Schaub (collector), Aline Caillet (philosopher), Eric Chauvier (anthropologist), Laurence Doupuy-Verrier (Ville de Saint-Denis), Christophe Girard and David Proult (local elected officials).