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Works & Process (DVD)
Jean Olivier Hucleux [see all titles]
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Jean Olivier Hucleux Works & Process (DVD)
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Films directed by Virgile Novarina, François Garcia, and Alban Roul.
published in December 2011
French edition (English subtitles)
DVD5 - PAL - Multizone - AC3 Stereo - 4/3
80' (3 films)
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ISBN: 979-10-91490-19-1
EAN: 9791091490191 / 3760083750024
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Three films about Hucleux.
This DVD is dedicated to the work of French artist Jean Olivier Hucleux. This edition presents all the films in a subtitled English version. The DVD contains almost 80 minutes as a programme of 3 films: a documentary on several meetings with the artist who talks of his artistic development, from the very first works until today, an interview of the artist with his son, and a document showing Jean Olivier Hucleux at work.
“Works and Process” is a monographic collection of DVDs dedicated to contemporary artists directed by Gilles Coudert. Every “monograph” uses an encyclopaedic principle and suggests discovering and understanding the approach of a creator through various documentary approaches, films and unknow archives of the artist.