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Body Double
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Brice Dellsperger Body Double
Edited by Brice Dellsperger & Eva Svennung.
Text by Marie Canet.

Published with Toastink Press, Paris.
published in October 2011
English edition
17,5 x 25 cm (softcover)
208 pages (185 b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-1-934105-43-6
EAN: 9781934105436
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Artist's book (an hallucinated portrait gallery of most of the characters created by Brice Dellsperger for his film remakes) / first substantive study of his work, with an essay by Marie Canet.
Brice Dellsperger's Body Double is the first monograph ever published on the artist's already cult film productions, with a long essay by art historian Marie Canet that addresses filmic remake, but also issues of models, gender politics, and representational chaos. Consisting in a large body of unpublished images, the book also invites the reader backstage—as in Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon, after which this book is modeled—into the Dellspergian camp film factory, to get a closer look at the characters and personas that populate the Body Double series, and that are creations both of the artist and of his main performer and muse, Jean-Luc Verna.
Born 1972 in Cannes (France), Brice Dellsperger lives and works in Paris.