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Les confessions dun révolutionnaire
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon [see all titles]
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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Les confessions dun révolutionnaire
published in 2002
French edition
17 x 24 cm
432 pages
ISBN: 978-2-84066-066-8
EAN: 9782840660668
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Confessions, written in six weeks, in a prison cell, recounts the political life (from February 24 1848 to July 8 1849) of a social thinker who joined the sleepwalkers of his Nation . Proudhon aimed to change society by changing workers into the kings of the slaves they actually are, even though, in utopias..., the worker is and always will be the slave. .
Moderate and vehement conservative and revolutionary, Proudhon rejects all systems, yet his diatribes reveal the rough vociferation of an advocate of true contradiction...
(cover from John Armleder, Untitled, 1986 (Detail). coll. Le Consortium, Dijon)