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Revue & Corrigée #88
Revue & Corrigée [see all issues]
  Revue & Corrigée
published in July 2011
French edition
21 x 29,7 cm (softcover)
96 unbound pages (b/w ill.)
out of print
For its 88th issue (special issue limited to 666 copies!), the quaterly magazine turns into a carte blanche given to more than 80 personalities related to various experimental sound practices. A tribute to the do-it-yourself way.
Contributions (one A4 page for each participant) by Carole Rieussec, Jean-Christophe Camps, Didier Aschour, Kasper Toeplitz, Paul-Yves Bourand, Lionel Palun, Dino, Matthieu Saladin, Jerome Noetinger, Richard B., Raed Yassin, Xavier Charles, Liz Racz, Nicolas Desmarchelier, eRikm, Julien Jaffré, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Meeuw, Savage Pencil, Jean-Pierre Nadau, Mattin, Philippe Robert, Keith Rowe, Norbert Möslang, Lionel Marchetti, Lasse Marhaug, Natacha Muslera, Kommissar Hjuler, Mama Bär, Patrick Bokanowski, Gx Jupitter Larsen, Christian Marclay, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Phill Niblock, Dennis Tyfus, Ogrob, Dave Phillips, Samon Takahashi, Dominique Grimaud, Clare Cooper, Michel Doneda, Guillaume Robert, Johann Maheut, Emmanuelle Pellegrini, Emmanuel Holterbach, Michel Chion, Florence Curti, Guillaume Constantin, Jean-Louis Costes, Aurore Gruel, Rudolf Eb Er, Amanda Stewart, Lieutenant Caramel, Bill Kouligas, Daniel Löwenbrück, Jacques Debout, Marc Hurtado, Vomir, Entracte, Kristof Guez, Yann Beauvais, Olivier Capparos, Peter Morrens, Bruce Russell, Graham Lambkin, Richard Rupenus, Gaelle Rouard, Alessandro Bosetti, Pierre Durr, Cyrille Lanoé, Arika, Steve Roden, Dominique Petitgand, Mazen Kerbaj, Gérard Rouy, Leif Elggren, Brandon Labelle, Denis Chevalier, Thierry Weyd, DDAA, Julien Ottavi, Olivier Dutel, Damien Schultz, Bertrand Denzler, Maxime B., Natacha B.
A “writing surface for experimental sound practices”, Revue & Corrigée is a quarterly magazine on experimental movements in contemporary music, performance, cinema, dance, isound installation, and sound poetry.