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Le dîner de Gulliver
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Lilian Bourgeat Le dîner de Gulliver
Text by Pascal Beausse.
Cover drawing: Loïc Raguénès.
published in 2009
bilingual edition (English / French)
30 x 35 cm (hardcover)
64 pages (53 color ill. & 9 b/w)
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ISBN: 978-2-918063-06-3
EAN: 9782918063063
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A Rabelaisian happening by the French artist, some other gigantic works and a text by Pascal Beausse.
For Le dîner de Gulliver (Gulliver's Diner), Lilian Bourgeat offers a Rabelaisian meal in which tables, chairs, glasses, cutlery and dishes are surprisingly large. The book relates this happening with photographs of the dinner. The images of other works by the artist punctuate the dinner, like improbable apparitions, perhaps derived from the guests' alcoholic dreams. Highlighting the issues of enlargement strategies in art, the text by Pascal Beausse, in the middle of the book, serves as a trou normand.
Born in 1970, Lilian Bourgeat lives and works in Dijon.