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Images & (re)presentations – The Eighties – Second Part
Le Magasin [see all titles]
  Images & (re)présentations Les années 1980 – Seconde partie
Texts by Yves Aupetitallot, Gregory L. Ulmer, Thomas Lawson, Stephan Schmidt-Wulffen, Werner Büttner, Albert Oehlen, Peter Nagy, Peter Fuller, Catherine Francblin, Julia Kristeva, Helena Kontova, Peter Halley, Germano Celant, Rudi Fuchs, Judith Barry.
published in October 2009
bilingual edition (English / French)
23 x 29,7 cm (softcover)
264 pages (b/w ill.)
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ISBN: 978-2-906732-85-8
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This book reassembles the most significant texts and images of works of the 80's art scene, focusing on the problematics of images and representations.
Published for the exhibition at Le Magasin art center, Grenoble, from May to September 2009, with John Armleder, Dara Birnbaum, Tony Cragg, Dan Graham, Jenny Holzer, Martin Kippenberger, Thomas Lawson, Steven Parrino, Alain Séchas, Jim Shaw...