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One Million Years (Box set) – #51-#62
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On Kawara One Million Years (coffret) #51-#62
Edited and produced by Martine Aboucaya, Paris.
published in 2008
15 x 13,5 x 26 cm
wood boxed set of 24 audio CDs
out of print
Reading of One Million Years, from Past and Future 51 (978 482 BC – 978 001 BC / 23 642 AD – 24 100 AD) to Past and Future 62 (973 378 BC – 972 888 BC / 28 632 AD – 29 120 AD), by male and female voices (250 copies limited edition wood boxed set of 24 audio CDs).
Readings by Jacques Roubaud and Martine Aboucaya, Rafael Lain and Angela Detanico, Aldo Caredda and Agnès Cazorla, Marc Partouche and Alix Lebon, Laurent Laclos and Stéphanie Ditche, Jacinto Lageira and Mona Owen, Franz Guizerix and Déborah Savoret, Christian Boltanski and Marylène Negro, Mathieu Mendez and Isabelle Muheim, Jacques Jouet and Morgan Cros, Julien Discrit and Maïder Fortuné, François Sarhan and Jehanne Carillon.