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Brandon LaBelle Site Specific Sound (+ CD)
Texts by Brandon LaBelle, entretien avec Achim Wollscheid.
published in 2004
English edition
19 x 22,8 cm (softcover)
80 pages (31 b/w ill.)
ISBN: 978-0-9655570-6-1
EAN: 9780965557061
out of print
Site Specific Sound documents a series of sound installations from 1998 to 2002 by sound-artist and writer Brandon LaBelle. Each installation was created as part of the Beyond Music Sound Festival in Los Angeles, an annual festival on sound practice at Beyond Baroque Literary/Arts Center. Functioning site-specifically, and drawing upon the architectural structure of the building, the installations explore the relationship between sound and space by staging social and spatial interventions.
In documenting these five installations over the course of five years Site Specific Sound pries open architecture, and the specifics of locality, as a contingent form whose relationship to sound extends well beyond acoustical phenomena. It suggests ways to understand the fabrication of space through sound as a central lens, and architecture as a strategy for the construction of sound events.
Including writings by LaBelle, an interview by the Frankfurt-based media-artist Achim Wollscheid, and a Compact Disc of audio work.
Brandon LaBelle is a musician, artist, writer, theorist, curator and editor (founder of Errant Bodies). His work is based on performance, sound installation, recording and use of found sounds. LaBelle reflects fluently on his artistic practice, drawing attention to the social dimensions of listening and manner in which sounds, in multiple variations, play upon public spaces, and drawing connections across media and incorporate video, as well as architectural and sculptural vocabularies into an expanded field that embraces rhetorical and spatial challenges.

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