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Works & Process (DVD)
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 Kimsooja Works & Process (DVD)
Edited by Gilles Coudert.
Films directed by Gilles Coudert, Agustina Covian, Damien Faure, Kimsooja & Daniel Watts.
published in July 2012
original version (English / Spanish / French), subtitles in English and French
Multi-Zone, Stereo AC3
120' (8 films)
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ISBN: 979-10-91490-18-4
EAN: 9791091490184 / 3760083750022
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Various documentary approaches of Kimsooja's work (8 films).
This DVD is dedicated to the work of the Korean artist Kimsooja. This edition presents all the films in an English version. The DVD proposes all in all more than 2 hours of program compound of 8 documentary movies, following the production process of various installations all over the world (Hawaii, New York, Paris, Madrid). A retrospective film based on an interview with the artist evokes her whole career.
“Works and Process” is a monographic collection of DVDs dedicated to contemporary artists directed by Gilles Coudert. Every “monograph” uses an encyclopaedic principle and suggests discovering and understanding the approach of a creator through various documentary approaches, films and unknow archives of the artist.
Kimsooja (born 1957 in Taegu, Korea, lives and works in New York, Paris and Seoul) is an internationally acclaimed conceptual multi-media artist. Addressing issues of the displaced self and others, the artist's work combines performance, video, photo and installation using sound, light and Korean bedcovers. Kimsooja investigates questions concerning the conditions of humanity, while engaging issues of aesthetics, culture, politics, and the environment. Kimsooja explores materiality/immateriality, mobility/immobility, by non-making and non-doing, which inverts the notion of the artist as the predominant actor. The artist's journey evolves with the continuous unfolding of her concept of Bottari (bundle) and the notions of Needle and Mirror.