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Les Salons de l’Ifa #01
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 Jakob+Macfarlane Les Salons de l’Ifa
Edited by Fiona Meadow and Gilles Coudert.
Text by Dominique Jakob and Brendan Mac Farlane, François de Mazières, Francis Rambert, Fiona Meadows.
Film directed by Gilles Coudert.

Published with the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine.
published in 2007
French edition
14 x 18 cm (hardcover)
96 pages (color & b/w ill.), 26' video DVD
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ISBN: 978-2-95288-970-4
EAN: 9782952889704
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The reproduction of notes and drawings by French architects for a show organized at the Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, accompanied with a documentary film.
Architects, teachers, Dominique Jakob and Brendan MacFarlane (born respectively 1966 and 1961) live and work in Paris.
See also: Périphériques architects.