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English edition
Sternberg Press – Catalogues
This publication comprises a series of interviews with contemporary artists, musicians, and writers who are in dialogue with Beirut and Cairo.

English edition
Mousse – Mousse Publishing (books)
A mystery tale illustrated with artworks by twelve contemporary artists.

bilingual edition (English / French)
Jeu de Paume
Companion book to Basim Madgy's eponymous video: a dreamlike tale about the ocean and its secrets.

bilingual edition (English / Arabic)
Sternberg Press – History, Criticism and Theory
Taking its cue from the aftermath of the events of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, these five essays contemplate the language's role in moments of dramatic change, and ask how to find meaning for artistic practices in these transformative conditions.

bilingual edition (German / French)
Jannink – L'art en écrit
Through stamps and photographs, the Austrian artist tells the story of her mystical and artistic experience in the Sinai desert (the dust jacket is hand-painted by the artist).

bilingual edition (English / Arabic)
Sternberg Press – Monographs and artists' books
A series of narrative portraits and accompanying images of his recent sculptures by Egyptian artist, musician and writer.

bilingual edition (English / French)
Kamel Mennour
Marie Bovo's urban landscapes: different sets of pictures inspired by the Mediterranean culture and architecture, taken in Marseilles or in Cairo since 2007, with an essay and an interview.

bilingual edition (English / Italian)
Mousse – Mousse Publishing (books)
out of print
Showcasing 60 artists and more than 100 works from major Italian private collections, the exhibition “Too Early, Too Late: Middle East and Modernity” examines the relationship between the East and Western modernity.