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French edition
Jeu de Paume
The films of Ana Mendieta.

Spanish edition
A singular series of photographs exploring the theme of alternative therapies.

bilingual edition (English / Spanish)
Mousse – Mousse Publishing (books)
First monograph on Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto.

English edition
JRP|Ringier – Monographs
Reference monograph, conceived in close collaboration with the artists.

bilingual edition (Spanish / French)
Inter, art actuel
Resistance and integration in the era of globalization: special issue on the occasion of the Bienal de La Habana in Cuba.

bilingual edition (English / German)
Sternberg Press – Monographs and artists' books
Two volumes artist's book.

bilingual edition (Spanish / French)
Intervention – Catalogues and anthologies
Catalogue of a double exhibition in Quebec and Cuba.