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Futurism [back to index]

French edition
Les presses du réel – Criticism, theory & documents
A collection of texts by Soviet avant-garde filmmaker and theoretician Dziga Vertov, including a critical apparatus and visual documents.

English edition
Sternberg Press – On the Table
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A manifesto-as-culinary-innovation.

Corvo Records
This composition by Alessandra Eramo shows for the first time a vocal interpretation of eight onomatopoetic words from the Manifesto of Futurist Music The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, between sound poetry and noise.

French edition
Lenka lente
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The reissue of the Manifesto of Futurist Musicians (written in 1911), in which the Italian composer, musicologist and ethnographer Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955) explains the "violent and absolute principles" of a futuristic music which inspired Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noises.