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French edition
Les presses du réel – Criticism, theory & documents
A collection of texts by Soviet avant-garde filmmaker and theoretician Dziga Vertov, including a critical apparatus and visual documents.

French edition
Le son du grisli
French musical website Le son du grisli now in print version. First issue includes: Jason Kahn, Sven-Åke Johansson, La Monte Young, Nurse With Wound, Zbigniew Karkowski, 1910's Manifesto of the Futurist Painters…

English edition
Sternberg Press – On the Table
temporarily out of stock
A manifesto-as-culinary-innovation.

Corvo Records
This composition by Alessandra Eramo shows for the first time a vocal interpretation of eight onomatopoetic words from the Manifesto of Futurist Music The Art of Noises by Luigi Russolo, between sound poetry and noise.

texts in French, English, Italian, German
Les presses du réel – Performing & sound arts
A reexamination of the role of female avant-gardes in the fields of performance and dance: a comprehensive publication with over 2500 color illustrations, together with documentary material on Valentine de Saint-Point, Marinetti, Futurism, Canudo, Russian Ballets, German and American expressionism (original photographs, manuscript letters, drawings, woodcuts, manifestos, first editions and ephemera).

French edition
Al Dante – Poetry & Literature
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Dada, Fluxus, futurism, spatialism, lettrism, concrete poetry, cut-up… a 560-page anthology of typographical explosions and poetic experiments by Al Dante.

French edition
Inter, art actuel
Futurism special issue.

Sub Rosa
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The first Luigi Russolo's intonarumori complete reconstruction ever attempted. Some of the Russolo instruments have been reconstructed here for the first time.

French edition
Lenka lente
out of print
The reissue of the Manifesto of Futurist Musicians (written in 1911), in which the Italian composer, musicologist and ethnographer Francesco Balilla Pratella (1880-1955) explains the "violent and absolute principles" of a futuristic music which inspired Luigi Russolo's The Art of Noises.